Featuring: The Response Plus

This new beauty on our showroom is a big comfy hit - bringing us lots of great naps! Love the feel of memory foam but hate the heat? Look no further than our supportive Response Plus made with the newest technology. Masterful combination of technology and support without the extremely high cost of 100% memory foam.

Better than memory foam, this mattress is enhanced with supportive air technology, increasing the level of support without compromising on comfort. Supportive air technology reduces pressure on critical areas of the body. Unlike memory foam, this mattress sleeps cool. It is not temperature sensitive so heat dissipates quickly keeping you cool and dry.

Product Details and Benefits

  • Extra Supportive High Density/High Resiliency Core
  • Supportive Air Technology Comfort Layer
  • Heat dissipates quickly
  • Reduced motion transfer
  • Pressure relieving
  • Made in the USA
  • 10 year warranty

Posted 2016-06-01 10:48:00 by admin

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