Which mattress is right for you?

We all want the perfect, quick answer to ‘which mattress is right for me?’ However, the ideal mattress is different for everyone. Which is reason why it is so important to try out different mattresses to determine comfort, support, pressure point relief, firmness, etc. Here are some helpful tips on what to do while shopping for your next mattress.

The best way to find out which mattress is right for you is to follow these simple steps.

TAKE A REST TEST. You would not buy a car without test driving it first, so why would you buy a mattress without testing it out first? Make sure you take ample time trying out each mattress. When you test out a mattress, make sure it feels comfortable in every position, especially the side you favor for sleeping.

KNOW WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU. Prior to trying out mattresses, explain to the Comfort Sleep Systems consultant what is important to you. Is it firmness, price, certain materials, or something else?

RELAX. Wear comfortable clothing while shopping for a mattress. This helps you move around into different sleeping positions and puts you in a more relaxed mind frame. Additionally, take a few deep breaths for good measure when laying on each mattress to help relax your body.

KNOW WHAT AILS YOU. Tell the Comfort Sleep Systems Consultant what ails you so they can help point you in the right mattress direction. Do you have back pain, shoulder pain, arthritis, or something else? If so, there are certain mattresses that people tend to feel more comfortable on.

Here at Comfort Sleep Systems we will work with you to help find your ideal mattress. Stop by our factory showroom to try out some mattresses. All made locally.

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