Best Colors for the Bedroom

Choosing a paint color for your bedroom can be fun or a little overwhelming. There are so many colors to choose from, how do you know which one is best for your sanctuary? Color can be a matter of aesthetics, but for your bedroom it can also be used to help create a soothing, tranquil, environment to encourage better sleep.

Most people want a tranquil retreat in the bedroom. Think cool colors - blues, greens, purples, neutral colors etc. These cool colors are a great choice because they have a calming effect. The mood you want to be in before you hop into bed to go to sleep.

Colors to avoid: reds, bright yellows. You have to be careful using bright shades in the bedroom. These colors can stimulate too much and be overwhelming. Love these colors? Try using them in your living room, dining room, or foyer. Warm colors are great in these rooms.

Happy Painting!

Posted 2015-11-04 14:49:19 by admin

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