Best Sleep Apps

Tech is all around us, why not use it to track sleep as well? There are many sleep apps and trackers on the market today. We were curious and decided to try some of these out in house. Here's what we found!

SleepBot App. Sleep bot has three major functions, a sound recorder, motion tracker, and smart alarm. To use the app at night, place the phone (plugged in) on the bed next to you. It will automatically detect motion and sound. The app tracks and graphs all the information up to 6 months. In addition the smart alarm finds the best time to wake you within a 30 minute window before your first alarm during the lightest sleep, so it is easier to wake up. Best part - its a free app!

Sleep Pillow Sounds. This app is great if you want prefer listening to some white noise as you fall asleep. Choose from a variety of different sounds to suit you.

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