Introducing: Pure Bliss at Comfort Sleep Systems

Comfort Sleep Systems is happy to announce we will now be carrying the Pure Latex Bliss line by Talalay Global, formally known as Latex International!

Latex foam mattresses instantly conform to each unique contour of your body for exceptional, orthopedic support and pressure relief. The gentle, conforming support of latex foam reduces high pressure areas that shut off capillary blood flow causing a person to toss and turn. This alleviates pressure and helps bring oxygen and nutrients to yourmuscles, so you awake feeling recharged and renewed. They are even proven to provide 33% more pressure relief and contouring support than memory foam.

For the complete line up of Bliss please visit our Bliss page on our website: Bliss Product Page or the Latex Bliss site at

Just a reminder, we will still be carrying our own line of Comfort Sleep Systems latex mattresses.

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New at Comfort Sleep Systems - March 2015

Here at Comfort Sleep System we are very excited to keep our line up expanding and improving! Throughout 2015 we are rolling out new mattress designs, new mattress lines, more accessories, and even more bedroom furniture.

For March we are introducing two new products to our line up: Sheets and the Scape+ adjustable bed base.

We now offer two different types of sheets. The first is 400 thread count Egyptian Cotton and the other is 310 thread count cotton sateen. Both available in white or ivory. The great thing about these sheets is that they come in many different sizes, especially those hard to find sizes. Available in twin, twin xl, full, full xl, queen, split queen, king, split king, and cali-king. Both sheets are extremely soft and dream-like. The best part is they are very affordable!

The Scape+ is an adjustable bed base manufactured by Leggett and Platt. The Scape + is newly designed for 2015 with everything the Scape has with additional under bed track lighting. The under bed lighting is helpful for when you wake up in the middle of the night and do not want to turn on the lamp or overhead light that would disturb your partner. The remote is also newly designed for 2015. A new ergonomic handle, backlit display, memory position buttons, therapeutic massage, whisper quiet motor, and more! Check out the new design in our showroom!

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Trending: Power Naps at Work


Sleeping at Work –A New phenomenon. Many companies are encouraging employees to take naps at work. Offices across the country are creating pods for employees to nap in during the workday. Studies have shown that in fact, short 10 minute naps can help with productivity. So put down that extra cup of coffee and try a nap instead!

National Sleep Foundation Article: Sleeping at Work: Companies with Nap Rooms and Snooze-Friendly Policies

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CSS on Break

Comfort Sleep Systems will be closed the last week of February (February 23rd through 28th) for our annual break. We will re-open Monday, March 2nd. If you have any questions or concerns during our break, please reach us via email at

Thanks for your understanding!
-Comfort Sleep Systems Team

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Sleep for your Health - Article

According to the Hartford Courant and National Institute of Health, geting enough sleep is critical to your health. According to the article, sleep is important for brain function. Check out this interesting article!

Hartford Courant Article

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Reviews on CSS

Interested in hearing more about what our customers think of their mattresses and their experience with Comfort Sleep Systems? Check out our reviews on this review website!

Insider Pages

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Custom Boat Mattress

We make many different types of mattresses here at Comfort Sleep Systems. Below is an example of a custom boat mattress. If you are looking to update your boat mattress, check out our factory showroom floor to test out some different models!

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Hybrid Rap

Click on the link to see the YouTube rap video on Hybrid Mattresses!

YouTube Video Link

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Top Reasons You Cannot Fall Asleep

  1. Uncomfortable mattress
  2. Eating too late
  3. Too much noise
  4. Wrong room temperature
  5. Cold feet or cold hands
  6. Seasonal changes
  7. Inconsistent schedule
  8. Sleep Disturbances
  9. Stress

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YouTube Video About Comfort Sleep Systems

Click the Link to view the About Comfort Sleep Systems web video!

YouTube Video: About Comfort Sleep Systems

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