New York Times Article: Cheating Ourselves of Sleep

The article, Cheating Ourselves of Sleep, by Jane Brody in the New York Times is very interesting. She explains how not getting enough sleep at night can really cause a big impact on one's every day life. Check it out!

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We are pleased to say we are a member of the Mattress Underground and have been for some time now! This prestige blog presents a list of elite mattress retails and manufacturers around the US and Canada.

Many of our customers have posted their experiences with us on this blog. Check it out!

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A little about Talalay Latex

Latex is derived from the hevea brasiliensis or commonly known as rubber tree. Latex has inherent qualities that make it the perfect mattress material.

Unsurpassed comfort and superior feel

  • Feels luxurious and resilient
  • Naturally conforming to body contours for optimal orthopedic support
  • Unique pinhole design and open-cell structure provide breathability through air circulation – heat and moisture resistant
Superior pressure relief to eliminate pinches and pain that interrupt a good night’s sleep
  • Reduces high pressure areas that shut off capillary blood flow and cause a person to toss and turn
  • Alleviates pressure to help bring oxygen and nutrients to muscles
Exceptional Durability
  • Latex is rubber, not plastic making it highly resilient
  • Has superior comfort life, maintaining its showroom feel for years to come
Uniquely Healthy
  • Inherently antimicrobial, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew
  • Naturally Hypoallergentic
  • Dust mite resistant
  • Produced using a environmentally friendly water-based process

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Born into Bedding Article

Comfort Sleep Systems has been featured in an industry magazine, Bed Times in recognition of the fourth generation of family business. Read the article in the link below.

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When is it time to start thinking about a new mattress?

Some signs you are in need of a new mattress

  1. You wake up with aches and pains.
  2. If the mattress has lumps or is sagging in places. This is a sign of wear and tear.
  3. If your allergies are acting up. Are you sneezing more than sleeping? The allergens in the mattress might be building up. To minimize this, try a latex mattress or use a high-end mattress protector.
  4. If you are not comfortable at night. Sometimes our bodies change and we crave different sleeping preferences. Often times the older we get, the firmer the mattress preference.

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Press Release: New Adjustable Bed Line

New Product Line at Comfort Sleep Systems: Now Offering More Affordable Adjustable Bed Line

Comfort Sleep Systems is excited to announce the new line of adjustable beds manufactured by Leggett & Platt.  The new brio adjustable line is now more affordable for those interested in an adjustable bed, starting at $689.  All USA made.

Comfort Sleep Systems will be carrying the brio 30 and the brio 60. The brio 30 features a full boxpsring profile, wired remote, and head and foot lift. The brio 60, one step up, features a full box spring profile, wireless remote, memory button, dual massage, wall hugger engineering

Adjustable Beds have an advantage over traditional mattresses because they provide pressure relief, healthy posture, proper circulation, and customized support. Many people choose an adjustable bed to remedy back pain, neck pain, arthritis pain, asthma, breathing problems, acid reflux, heart conditions, and more.

Comfort Sleep Systems has been building custom comfort for consumers in the greater New Haven area since 1939. We have earned a reputation for producing quality mattresses at exceptional prices. In addition to mattresses, we also sell bedroom furniture, futons, pillows, and more.  All of our mattresses are made of the highest quality materials in our own factory in Branford, CT.

For more information please contact Sara Vallario at our factory showroom at 203-483-1198 or

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Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are a mix between different various mattress components. Some common hybrids are coils and latex, coils and memory foam, polyurethane foam and latex, coils and polyurethane and more! Hybrid mattresses give off a unique feel depending on what components are used to create the mattress.

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Adjustable Beds

An adjustable bed allows a person to elevate or lower the head or feet to maximize your comfort level. Some adjustable beds even offer a gentle massage option.

There are many health and comfort benefits to an adjustable bed. Many individuals dealing with circulation issues, swelling issues, breathing difficulties, acid reflux, back aches, or post surgery can benefits from the therapeutic benefits.   Adjustable beds can also be very comforting.  You have the option of relaxing in bed more comfortably in different positions, massage benefits, and it is customizable for couples.

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Pillows are very important when considering sleep. Pillows provide support by elevating the head as well as adding comfort with cushioning. There are many types of pillows on the market and it is important to find one that works best for you. Some of the best pillows on the market are featured below:

Latex Pillows: 100% Talalay latex pillows are great for all sleep positions because they come in various firmnesses, soft, medium, and firm. Latex pillows provide the maximum amount of support that conforms perfectly around the head and neck thus improving the spine alignment. Talalay Latex is antimicrobial, mildew proof, and dust mite resistant. Talalay Latex is one of the longest lasting products on the market.

100% Down Pillows: Made of the softest and highest quality down. These pillows are made to mash into the perfect shape

50/50 Feather/Down Pillows: An even mixture between the highest quality down and feathers. A traditional pillow feel.

Wool Pillows: Merino wool has many benefits. Wool is a breathable fiber that provides instant warmth, unlike synthetics materials. It is so unique that it regulates itself to individual body temperature and keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Wool is naturally water resistant and repels moisture vapor through the fibers making it resistant to rot, mold, and mildew.

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Why Mattress Protectors

A good mattress is an investment and deserves some additional protection. The mattress protectors Comfort Sleep Systems carries one of the best mattress protectors on the market.

A good mattress protector provides 100% waterproof protection.  The protector consists of an advanced cotton toweling fabric providing the ultimate protection against stains and accidents while serving as a barrier again dust mites and pet dander. The mattress protector fabric is a thin layer, highly breathable feeling, supple, smooth, and extremely comfortable.

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