New for 2016: CSS Improvements on our Innerspring Mattress Line

You voiced your opinions and we listened! Our flippable innerspring mattresses are now getting an upgrade with natural cotton handles to help assist in rotating or flipping the mattress.

Additionally, our innerspring line will have vents on the sides of the mattress! This high end feature allows the mattress to breath.

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What is Factory Direct?

Factory Direct is when a consumer purchases goods direct from the manufacturer. Here at Comfort Sleep Systems we are considered factory direct. Our factory and showroom is located in Branford, Connecticut. We strive to use local materials in our mattresses. Each of our mattresses is made 100% of USA materials.

Why is factory direct beneficial? You as the customer, get to see exactly where your new mattress is made. Every mattress we make is made to order. That means, once you place an order your mattress is freshly made in our factory.

Additionally, it means you are supporting a local business. Several studies have shown that buying through local, independently owned businesses (rather than a nationally owned business) significantly more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses.

Furthermore, you get the best materials for the best price! We use the best local ingredients in our mattresses. Each mattress is 100% made of USA materials. Check out our showroom in Branford, Connecticut.

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6 Habits of a Morning Person

  1. Don't sleep in.
  2. No electronics in the bedroom. This includes cell phones and TVs.
  3. Exercise.
  4. Eat right.
  5. Establish a sleep routine.
  6. Get comfortable. Everyone's comfort position is different, so make sure your mattress works for you!

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About the Mattress Recycling Council in CT

Starting May 1, 2015, the State of Connecticut requires the end user of a mattress or foundation to pay $9 per piece. For more information please visit or

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Tips for Sleeping during the Holidays

Between Holidays parties, shopping, family get togethers, the Holidays can leave us a little stressed and stretched on time. However, it is so important not to neglect your sleep! By sleeping the recommended 8 hours per night can help.

  1. Try to take some afternoon siestas! Getting a little afternoon nap in can help if your bedtime schedule is interrupted from holiday parties.
  2. Keep a regular sleep schedule. This may be hard during the holidays, but try and go to bed and wake up around the same time every day.
  3. Relax before bed. Deep breathing exercises, reading, light yoga, soothing bath, are some helpful suggestions for relaxing before bed.
  4. Make lists. Many of us reflect on the day and days ahead while getting into bed at night. Make a list so you won’t forget what you need to do.
  5. Remember to UNPLUG. Starring a phone screen, computer screen, or the television can hinder your sleep.

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Benefits of Sleeping with Wool

Hypoallergenic. Wool is resistant to bacteria, mold and mildew that can trigger allergic reactions in many people.

Balanced thermal insulation properties. Wool regulates itself to individual body temperature and really is warm in winter while cool in summer.

Absorbs harmful pollutants. Wool is often used in interiors can help purify the air. only does wool absorb many harmful pollutants from the air, it does not re-emit them.

Dust mite Resistant. Dust mite allergens are one of the triggers for asthma attacks. Dust mites need moisture to survive. Wool has microscopic pores that respond effectively to changes in humidity making it unfavorable for the growth and breeding of the house dust mite.

Anti-static. Wool generates very little static electricity because of the its natural fibres. Static attracts lint, dirt, and dust, so its anti-static properties keep it much cleaner for longer.

Easily Cleaned. Wool fabrics clean easily because the outside surface of the wool fibre consists of a series of overlapping scales (similar to the feathers on a bird), which means that dirt sits on the surface of the fibre, making it easy to remove.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable. When it's 'out with the old' wool will naturally biodegrade. It is a totally natural product, entirely renewable and sustainable. And it is 100% biodegradable - a very important feature in a world that is increasingly concerned about the environment.

Naturally Renewable. What could be more natural than wool? Each year sheep produce a fleece, which makes wool a natural and renewable resource. As yet, no one has been able to reproduce the properties of wool synthetically.

For all of our wool accessories, please visit our factory showroom or browse our Pillows & Accessories product listing.

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Best Colors for the Bedroom

Choosing a paint color for your bedroom can be fun or a little overwhelming. There are so many colors to choose from, how do you know which one is best for your sanctuary? Color can be a matter of aesthetics, but for your bedroom it can also be used to help create a soothing, tranquil, environment to encourage better sleep.

Most people want a tranquil retreat in the bedroom. Think cool colors - blues, greens, purples, neutral colors etc. These cool colors are a great choice because they have a calming effect. The mood you want to be in before you hop into bed to go to sleep.

Colors to avoid: reds, bright yellows. You have to be careful using bright shades in the bedroom. These colors can stimulate too much and be overwhelming. Love these colors? Try using them in your living room, dining room, or foyer. Warm colors are great in these rooms.

Happy Painting!

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Best Sleep Apps

Tech is all around us, why not use it to track sleep as well? There are many sleep apps and trackers on the market today. We were curious and decided to try some of these out in house. Here's what we found!

SleepBot App. Sleep bot has three major functions, a sound recorder, motion tracker, and smart alarm. To use the app at night, place the phone (plugged in) on the bed next to you. It will automatically detect motion and sound. The app tracks and graphs all the information up to 6 months. In addition the smart alarm finds the best time to wake you within a 30 minute window before your first alarm during the lightest sleep, so it is easier to wake up. Best part - its a free app!

Sleep Pillow Sounds. This app is great if you want prefer listening to some white noise as you fall asleep. Choose from a variety of different sounds to suit you.

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All About Talalay Latex

First off, lets answer the question "what is talalay latex?" Latex is defined as any of several natural or synthetic colloidal polymers suspended in an aqueous solution. Translation: Rubber particles in water.

Latex is harvested from rubber trees. Similarly how maple syrup is harvested. It is important to note that latex is rubber, NOT plastic.


Breathable. Talalay latex breathes up to 7x better than other dunlop latex or foams. One of the largest concerns with bedding today is sleeping hot. This is an important concern because not only is sleeping hot uncomfortable, it also interrupts the quality of sleep. This concern is more widespread because of the popularity of memory foam use in mattresses. Memory foam has a collapsible cell striation that traps body heat and radiates it back to the user resulting in hot sleep.Talalay latex is not memory foam (although often confused with it). The talalay rubber cell structure resists collapsing and allows air to circulate through. Thus, talalay latex does not sleep hot.

Hypoallergenic. Talalay latex is inherently resistant to mold, mildew, bacteria, and dust mite resistant. This is important when considering allergies and respiratory issues. Furthermore, the FDA tracks allergic reactions to latex products in the United States and Zero cases of allergic reactions of talalay latex by Talalay Global have been reported.

Health. The talalay latex we use from Talalay Global (formerly Latex International), is Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This certification is the leading global testing and certification process that ensures textile materials and home furnishing products do not contain harmful substances or pose a health risk to customers. Very few latex or foam producers in the world meet the standards of this independent 3rd party certification.

What does Oeko-Tex 100 certification mean? It means that the talalay latex we use does not contain allergenic materials that form carcinogenic aryl amines of the Mak-groups III A1 A2, pesticides and chlorinated phenols, heavy metals, or formaldehyde. The talalay latex by Talalay Global also meets the standard for skin friendly pH and is free from chloro-organic carries and biologically active finishes. In plain english, this talalay is the healthiest material you can sleep on.

Environmentally Friendly. The manufacturing facility does not emit any harmful elements into the air. The finished talalay latex product also does not emit any harmful vapors into the air. Talalay Global uses millions of gallons of natural latex each year. Natural latex is harvested from trees that help scrub excess carbon from our air.

All talalay products are made with natural talalay latex rubber. This starts as a sap from the have a brasiliensis tree. These rubber trees have a 25 year productive life and a strong positive effect on the environment as they quickly absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and help reduce greenhouse emissions.

The talalay process features natural, biodegradable ingredients that come from renewable resources and water-based raw materials: natural latex, air, and water. The process does not use solvents and does not damage the ozone layer. Our clean and green approach carries through to the end products. What is important to note is, talalay latex contains no toxic chemicals.

Odor Free. Talalay latex from Talalay Global is an odor free product. Furthermore, it does not off gas.

For more information on our latex mattresses click here! More information from Talalay Global is available here!

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Best Mattress for Allergy Sufferers

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, 1 in 5 people in the United States suffer from allergy or asthma symptoms.

A talalay latex mattress is the best type of mattress for those who suffer with allergies or respiratory illness to help you breathe better. Suffering from allergies can be tough. Do not let your mattress contribute to your suffering.

Why Talalay Latex?

  1. Latex is naturally Dust Mite Resistant. Dust mite allergies are very common. More specifically, dust mite feces can cause allergic reactions in bed and all that can accumulate in a traditional coil mattress.
  2. Hypo-Allergenic & Anti-Microbial. A latex mattress with provide allergy relief form dust mites but also provide relief from mold, mildew, and fungus growth. Latex is naturally hypo-allergenic & anti-microbial.
  3. No off-gassing. If you are sensitive to different smells or chemicals, then you have nothing to worry with Talalay Latex. There is no off gassing with the Talalay Latex made in Connecticut that Comfort Sleep Systems uses in the latex mattress line.
Do not forget the rest of your sleep system when looking at your mattress to combat allergies, make sure to look at your entire sleep system. Look for pillows that are hypo-allergenic. Again, latex pillows are the best for allergy sufferers and come in different firmnesses.

View our line of talalay latex mattresses here!

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