The Blue Heaven 2 is made with our most popular firmness of 100% solid 6" Talalay Latex foam core with a thick luxurious plush quilted cover. Latex is the most naturally durable cushioning material available. Additional comfort layers are built into the plush quilted top to provide maximum enjoyment and benefit of this amazing product. Comfort Sleep Systems Latex Foam mattresses look and feel different because they are different. As soon as you see and touch a latex foam mattress, you will know that sleeping on one will nestle you in a world of comfort. All of our latex mattresses are created exclusively using the world's finest quality Talalay latex, made in Connecticut by Talalay Global (formerly, Latex International). Sleeping on a latex foam mattress is an enlightening experience. Each morning you will wake up refreshed and ready to face the challenges of a new day. We invite you to experience the best night's sleep you ever had. Product Details & Benefits

  • 100% Solid Talalay Foam Core
  • Durable Firm Support
  • Plush Quilted Comfort Layers of High Density Foam
  • Flippable (one side firm, one side plush)
  • Adjustable bed compatible
  • 20 year warranty