Tips for Successful Sleep

  1. Establish a comfortable sleep environment complete with a comfortable and supportive mattress and pillows.
  2. Maintain a dark, quiet room to sleep in.
  3. Establish a regular routine that includes going to bed and waking up at the same times everyday, including weekends.
  4. Do not nap for more than 30 minutes during the day or after 3:00pm. Longer naps disrupt the body’s ability to stay asleep.
  5. Develop sleep rituals before going to cue your body to slow down and relax.
  6. Avoid stress and worries at bedtime. Certain activities such as listening to soft music, reading, or taking a warm bath can help you wind down.
  7. Avoid heavy meals late in the evening
  8. Exercising regularly, even for 20 minutes 3 times per week can promote deep sleep

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About us

Comfort Sleep Systems was founded by Leon Bombalicki, a polish immigrant who came to this country at the age fourteen with little more than hope and ambition of building the American dream. He landed a job in one of New Haven’s mattress factories where he learned the fine points of mattress making. In 1939, Leon opened the Comfort Bedding Company on Poplar Street in Fair Haven, where he and his wife, Lucy, started off making hand tufted mattresses from horsehair, cotton ticking and 8-way tied bedsprings.

Joan and David Bombalicki took over the family business in 1984 to become the third generation to run New Haven Connecticut’s last mattress factory. As kids, Joan and David would make custom made feather and down pillows. Over the years we have witnessed several changes and trends in the industry from waterbeds, individually wrapped coils to latex foam and adjustable electric beds. And, we were among one of the first manufacturers to introduce futons into the marketplace.

In 1995, we moved from our Fair Haven location to a more modern facility in Branford, Connecticut, where we continue the tradition of fine mattress making with the skills we learned from our grandfather.

At Comfort Sleep Systems, we follow the simple idea of building mattresses to fit the needs of the individual customer. We can accommodate couples with different firmness preferences by making one side harder and one side softer. And, we can even build mattresses to fit any bed frame – including antique four-poster beds and special shapes for boats and campers.

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