Introducing: Pure Bliss at Comfort Sleep Systems

Comfort Sleep Systems is happy to announce we will now be carrying the Pure Latex Bliss line by Talalay Global, formally known as Latex International!

Latex foam mattresses instantly conform to each unique contour of your body for exceptional, orthopedic support and pressure relief. The gentle, conforming support of latex foam reduces high pressure areas that shut off capillary blood flow causing a person to toss and turn. This alleviates pressure and helps bring oxygen and nutrients to yourmuscles, so you awake feeling recharged and renewed. They are even proven to provide 33% more pressure relief and contouring support than memory foam.

For the complete line up of Bliss please visit our Bliss page on our website: Bliss Product Page or the Latex Bliss site at

Just a reminder, we will still be carrying our own line of Comfort Sleep Systems latex mattresses.

Posted 2015-03-28 10:13:54 by admin

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